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Insurance Stories: Voices

Stars insure their voices… and accents Mancunian actor George Zucco once took out an unusual insurance policy at Lloyd’s of London. When he moved to Hollywood in 1949, a worried Mr. Zucco insured himself against the risk of ‘losing his English accent’. A similar policy was taken out years later by Lester Henning, a radio, […]

HFG Sponsors Insider Progress I Challenging Perceptions: Embracing Disability & Neurodiversity

As part of HFG’s ongoing sponsorship of the Insurance Insider, we recently sponsored Insider Progress’ webinar entitled ‘Challenging Perceptions: Embracing Disability and Neurodiversity.’ About this webinar:This session was an open conversation about disability and neurodiversity in order to bridge the accessibility gap by raising awareness and global standards.  The discussion surrounded how companies can create […]

Insurance Stories: Football

  With Euro 2020 finally getting underway, the next in our ‘Insurance Stories’ series looks at infamous tales of football and insurance. Gascoigne’s tackle This tackle in the 1991 FA Cup Final almost cost Lloyd’s of London £5 million. Paul Gascoigne was insured by Tottenham Hotspur for that amount against an injury that would prevent […]

Insurance Stories: Cricket & the insurance industry – facts you may not know

Did you know that Lloyd’s of London enabled Ian Botham to play professional football? After opting out of the 1984 cricket tour of India, he decided instead to play football for Scunthorpe United. His club weren’t happy with his decision and it was only after the TCCB and Scunthorpe both insured him that he was […]

Insurance Stories: Animal tales of Insurance

In the next of our ‘insurance stories’ series we look at cases involving our famous furry friends!  Many animals have been insured at Lloyd’s of London over the years, and here are a few notable tales from years gone by. Lassie & co!  The cost of insuring Lassie the dog was so high that his […]

Insider HonoursEntertainment sponsors

HFG are delighted to be the entertainment sponsors for the Insider Honours 2021.

We look forward to seeing many of you there on September 28th and good luck to all nominees!