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Interviewers: Act like a child to be the best at competency – based interviews!

  It’s funny isn’t it, when new additions arrive in your family, soon after it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t there. My Nephew Ethan is a great example of that. He’s a brilliant lad, full of kindness and fun and I already have some great memories that include him. A recent car […]

Staff retention: What I’ve learnt by falling out of love with West Ham!

  I’m guessing that as you’re reading this that you’re either a fan of football or more specifically of West Ham United. I fall in to the latter camp and I’ll let you in to a secret that I’ve not told my West Ham family yet – my love for the club is diminishing. I’ve […]

What’s your weakness?

One of the most common interview questions that comes up is ‘What is your weakness?’ It’s also the one that I’m most frequently asked for advice on how to answer. I have a tip and it’s easier than you may think! Firstly, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and ask yourself: ‘What are […]

Why should we hire you? How to answer this uncomfortable interview question

    If your immediate reaction to this question is ‘Urgh’ then you’re not alone. It’s a great question for the interviewer as they’ll get to assess how you may fit in to the role if hired but also, they can learn how much information you’ve taken on-board throughout the interview process. For the interviewee […]

The thing most people forget to add to their CV that will make a huge difference!

Writing a CV can be a tricky exercise, particularly if you’ve not written one for a while. There is one thing I notice that people tend not to add and it’s the one thing I believe you should include – your achievements. Think about it, when a hiring manager is reading your CV – what […]

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Spring Golf Day 2018 in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity

HFG were delighted to raise £590 for The Brain Tumour Charity at our latest Charity Golf Day at Woldingham Golf Club.  Thank you to all who participated and donated towards a fantastic cause.

To find out more about our golf days, please click here.