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The 10 toughest interview questions asked in the UK!

  Interviews are rarely easy at the best of times. They’re one of the more unnatural environments we can be in and a volley of questions can make us feel pressured. One way that I would suggest reducing that anxiety is to regularly prepare for interviews. Thinking about how you’d answer questions is great practice […]

5 Things you should do if returning to work after a career break

I’ve spoken to a number of people recently who for one reason or another have taken a career break. Those who’ve been on maternity leave, have been a carer for a family member or who’ve fulfilled a dream of travelling for example. When starting to look for a job again, the overwhelming feeling that I […]

10 interview questions asked by successful people…

Quite often, we’ll be asked questions at interviews that don’t inspire us. The same, tired cliched questions come out that we all prepare for and often, give a response that we think the other person wants to hear rather than anything meaningful. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join […]

Charity Summer Golf Day 2018 – Burhill Golf Club

  The 11th HFG Summer Golf Day was hosted at Burhill Golf Club again in the middle of this glorious heatwave. With the old course booked out and 72 clients confirmed it was destined to be another great day on the course. After a hearty breakfast and a couple of aperitifs to get the nerves […]

‘Do it at the right time’ – What to do when it’s time to move job!

What’s your favourite football song? Without question, mine is ‘World in Motion’, the England song from Italia ’90. It was a brilliant song and still brings back great memories from that tournament. Gazza’s tears, David Platt’s volley against Belgium and Lineker’s goal against the Germans stand out – if that appears rude, I’m sorry. In […]

Merry Christmas from all at HFG

HFG would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to thank those we have worked with this year and look forward to seeing you again in 2019. We hope you have a fantastic festive period!