Lawyer (Insurance) – London


To provide in-house legal support as required reporting to the UK General Counsel.


General support for the business and UK General Counsel as required from time to time including:


* Proving input to SPA’s and due diligence.

* Preparing and negotiating confidentiality Agreements.

* Proving support on intra-group service and other agreements.

* Negotiating service agreements with external clients and third parties.

* Review of client retainer and engagement letters.

* Cost management of external lawyers – Maintaining a list of preferred lawyers with prenegotiated rates and master engagement letters where applicable.

* Providing advice and/or support for and in relation to finality solutions, particularly Schemes of Arrangement and part VII transfers.

* Input into drafting novation agreements.

* Input into letter of credit and financial guarantees. Compliance/regulatory

* To advise and/or assist in maintaining compliance (including in service and other commercial agreements) with applicable statutory or regulatory obligations with input from the compliance team where appropriate.

This includes but is not limited to obligations including those arising from:

▪ Data Protection.

▪ The prudent management of the business.

▪ Placing due regard on the interests of customers.

▪ Observing rules on Sanctions and financial crime.

▪ Regulatory requirements and local licensing restrictions.

▪ PRA / FCA handbooks

Insurance /Reinsurance transactions

With the support and oversight of UK General Counsel

* Input into drafting commutation agreements.

* Providing support in relation to the inspection of outward reinsurances including terms of reference and confidentiality agreements, providing advice on issues.

* Providing litigation/arbitration support and management.

* Negotiating settlement agreements in relation to litigation/arbitration.

* Providing policy advice and support.

* Reviewing standstill and letters before action. Insurance /reinsurance claims With the support and oversight of UK General Counsel

* Assisting in negotiating settlement agreements.

* Input into coverage interpretation and dispute management.

* Preparing Indemnity Agreements.

* Providing support for inspections for inwards or outwards reinsurance.