Data Science Manager – Insurance

A leading Financial Services company is looking to appoint a Data Science Manager to help build their Data Science team to develop advanced analytics, data science & AI solutions to solve business problems in a customer obsessed environment.


  • Broad experience of developing and deploying statistical and machine learning models (supervised and unsupervised)
  • Essential – Python or R, SQL, Big Data, BI tool (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, QuickSight, Qlik)
  • Modern software development experience and toolkit e.g. Git, code reviews, Data Science CookieCutter, Environments, Docker, CI/CD
  • Statistical knowledge and models, machine learning models, explainable and interpretable AI
  • Supervised (e.g linear / logistic, Random Forest. xgBoost), un-supervised (e.g. PCA, T-SNE or similar, clustering methods), SHAP, LIME, Shapley
  • Lead Data Scientist role, team lead oversight and innovation leader for data scientists, task management and allocation


  • Design of experiments e.g. A/B/N, multi-variate, sample size calculation, (part/fractional) factorial designs
  • Database, data warehouse or data lake experience to build SQL packages, processes, queries and tune
  • Data model for performance
  • Data staging and integration, building pipelines, ELT
  • NLP / text analytics, simulation (e.g. boot-strap, Monte-Carlo), optimisation (e.g. integer programming, genetic algorithms), Bayesian, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
  • NoSQL, Network Graphics, Spark
  • Cloud architecture e.g. Azure, AWS