Compliance Officer – West Wickham

This role is with a specialty insurance and reinsurance business that offers products across UK, European, US and other international locations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establishing an open and constructive relationship with regulators (and supervisory bodies)
  • Providing advice to governing bodies on compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and providing advice to the business, for example in the form of policies and procedures or written updates, in relation to applicable laws and regulations;
  • Assessing the possible impact of any regulatory development on the operations of the business and working with the business with regard to compliance;
  • The identification and assessment of compliance risk, and the development and oversight of an appropriate framework to ensure the management of compliance risk;
  • Such a framework will include assessing the adequacy of the measures adopted by the business to prevent non-compliance including monitoring to ensure these procedures are being adhered to;
  • Ensuring that the firm’s Compliance Strategy is in line with its broader strategic objectives. Working with the business to assess new opportunities and ensuring appropriate control frameworks are established;
  • Overseeing the Conduct Risk framework and associated policies and procedure in conjunction with management and the business;
  • Working closely to ensure that the compliance framework is consistent with the framework in place of its Insurer capacity through binding authorities;
  • Reporting to governing bodies, Insurers and Re-Insurers in relation to the management of compliance risk including the provision of all relevant management information to allow key decision making to be undertaken;
  • For a number of compliance and conduct processes, act as the point of contact for the business for all reporting including financial crime, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, and whistleblowing; and
  • Working with HR, develop and implement relevant and timely compliance education and training to colleagues.