Claims Handler

Reporting directly to the Claims Manager, you will be responsible for the following duties, from the cradle to the grave: * Receipt of 1st claim notification for accounts, perusal of relevant documentation (in order to determine good order of coverage before passing the notification onto underwriters), liaising with involved markets. * Coordination between leading market and our following markets throughout a claim’s life, ensuring the smoothest process and promptest settlement once claims are eventually approved: continuous updating on estimates and corresponding reserves, gathering of various necessary documents such as survey reports, payment authorities, confirmation of warranties compliance, leaders’ approvals, etc. * Processing of all approved transactions (clients’ claims and involved third parties’ fees) on RiskPro system and submission of same via email (overseas) or Xchanging/ECF (London). * Liaising with our Accounting department to ensure the swiftest collection process and instructing Accounts about payments to beneficiaries. * Keeping internal files in good order for prompt access to information and in view of possible future auditing, ensuring compliance with our contractual and regulatory requirements. * Maintain relationships with several external professionals (surveyors, adjusters, lawyers, shipbrokers, lenders, etc.) during the fundamental activity of coordination, which grants the fast and precise settlement of claims. * Sole responsibility of claims handling of the following two lines of business: Crew PA claim & FAC and Treaty reinsurance. * Dealing with any ad hoc tasks /enquiries. * General administration.