HFG sponsors Insider Progress I Black Lives Matter Series

As part of HFG’s ongoing sponsorship of the Insurance Insider, we recently sponsored Insider Progress’ Black Lives Matter series.

The Black Lives Matter series looked into self-identification, both for the individual and the company to see where they are on their journey to fight black underrepresentation and where an individual would want to get to.

Discussions in the first episode included:

– Life experiences on being black in a world which is entrenched with systemic racism
– The extent of inequality within the financial service industry and beyond
– How the BLM movement will create space for black communities and individuals to thrive
– Literature/educational resources for allies and advocates
– Why removing institutional blockers requires collective effort
– Examine the need to consider those who have been further marginalised within Black liberation movements i.e. “Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum” (reference: https://bit.ly/2V6tjEu)

You can watch part one here: http://ow.ly/QRjT50AM7G1

Part two of the discussion included:

– How can companies start to identify how well they currently support and encourage the development of black professionals? Are there any specific needs for black employees which companies could better address?
– The importance of data collection and creating a safe space for employees to self-identify their race
– How can we collectively – from junior employee to C-suite – create an environment in which black professionals can thrive?
– How can companies effectively monitor their progress on racial equality?
– What structures and frameworks could be put in place to make sure black voices are heard?
– What measures can be taken to encourage more black talent into the industry?

Speakers included:

– Richard Brindle, Chairman, Group Chief Executive Officer & Group Chief Underwriting Officer, Fidelis
– Charmaine Davis, Senior Vice President and Founder, African Heritage Colleague Resource Group, Marsh
– John Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marsh
– David Flint, Head of Broking and Capacity Distribution, Newpoint Insurance Brokers
– Keith Jernigan, Underwriting Assistant, Fidelis
– Fiona Pizzey, Senior Engagement, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Human Resources, MS Amlin
– Ronald Reeves, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, USA, Canada, and Latin America, AIG
– Andrea Santolalla, Chief Operating Officer, Hiscox Special Risks
– Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)
– Ingrid Woodward, Head of IT and Operations, CNA Hardy

You can watch part two here: http://ow.ly/lwT350AM7y9

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