Do you have any questions for us? 30 things to ask your interviewer!


One of the final things asked in an interview is ‘Do you have any questions for us?’ usually with somebody staring at you just like Bowie is in this picture.0YJXKDR4E

If we ask the right questions, we’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision as to whether we’ll accept the job if offered. However, it’s tricky to think on our feet when under pressure so this is one area you need to invest preparation time in.

Think about what you want to know and how a positive question can be structured to draw that information out.

For example:

1.What’s the one thing you would change about the company if you could?

2. A number of people have moved from your team into other roles within the company. Is that encouraged and what have the benefits been to your division?

3. Those in your team have been promoted quickly. Why is that and what support have they received to progress?

4. Why do you believe people in your team work here and what stops them from leaving?

5. How do you measure success?

6. If I were to be successful, how will you know if I have achieved in this role after 12 months?

7. What do you enjoy about working here?

8. How do you ensure that newcomers to the team are able to succeed?

9. How does the business support professional development?

10. Is risk taking encouraged? If so, what happens when people fail?

11. When and how do people like to give feedback?

12. Is your team culture different to the rest of the company? If so, how?

13. If successful, what could I do to exceed your expectation in the first 6 months?

14. What are you most passionate about?

15. What is it that you’re most proud of as a manager of people?

16. What is the biggest challenge facing the company today and how does this affect your team?

17. How does this role fit in with the company’s wider strategy?

18. Is there anything that you wanted to learn about me that I haven’t discussed?

19. What is the history of this position?

20. How is the feedback process structured?

21. What would your clients say about your company?

22. Can you tell me something surprising about the company that isn’t available online?

23. What is the most important personality trait common among your top performers?

24. If I were to ask a member of your team, what would they say about your management style?

25. What obstacles have been previously encountered within this role and how can I help you overcome them?

26. Could you give me any examples of projects I would work on if successful?

27. How do you nurture a great team environment?

28. Do you think my experience and skills would suit the role?

29. From the research I carried out, I noticed the company culture supports XYZ. Could you tell me more about that element of the culture and how it impacts this position?

30. What is the promotion path for this role, and how would my performance on that path be measured?
Please do comment if you have any other suggestions – I’m keen to learn more.


Written by Paul Miller.

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