Creativity vs Process

To witness creativity from a young age is encouraging and inspiring. It really fills me with a sense of pride to see how age is not a determining factor in ingenuity.

Young minds can provide innovative ideas not evident to the more experienced, and experienced minds can provide tried and tested solutions to problems that have occurred historically. Of course, a combination of both can make overall teams stronger.”50b6f05e-efc7-4d70-b430-32c0c0129334-original

At 30, I still consider myself ‘youthful’ and I find myself sometimes wanting to remind my clients that rigid adherence to process can sometimes be limiting and that diverse recruitment is not just limited to race or gender.

For example, I came across this talk by a young inventor:
If young Ashton Cofer had thought to himself; “I’m too young and inexperienced to innovate, I’ve not even completed my education and the process I am currently in requires me to finish my exams before doing anything else…” then a new solution to recycling Styrofoam would simply not exist!
Ultimately, to be solution-driven like this young inventor is the way forward and we can learn a lot from him. He wasn’t concerned with the societal constraints or expectations required of him, and instead focused on doing something he was passionate about and working towards a solution to that problem.

The insurance industry is built on a firm foundation of historical data and processes and it is no great secret that it is one of the slowest sectors to innovate and update technologies to improve efficiencies.
Therefore, we need to look beyond the old processes and look for new minds to challenge and bring innovation to a somewhat stagnant industry. It is all too easy to let those old constraining paradigms block us and cloud our judgement rather than simply going out and talking the risk in finding fresher, alternative solutions to our objectives.

Be bold and take the plunge! If we focus on being solution-orientated and limit some of the routine and habitual choices that we make, perhaps we can start to make a change?

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