What’s your weakness?

One of the most common interview questions that comes up is ‘What is your weakness?’ It’s also the one that I’m most frequently asked for advice on how to answer. I have a tip and it’s easier than you may think! 50b6f05e-efc7-4d70-b430-32c0c0129334-original

Firstly, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and ask yourself: ‘What are they really trying to discover by asking this?’ The likelihood is that they just want to know the areas of development you’ll need to perform the role you’re interviewing for.

Therefore, answering becomes a lot easier. You just have to quickly identify the parts of the role you’ve not carried out before and state that as your weakness. The key part is to follow that up with how your experience will enable you carry out the role. You could also substantiate this with your ability to do the job.

Here’s an example:

Whilst I have not held a direct account management role before, I have worked closely with our sales team and have liaised with clients on their behalf. I’ve also been observing the work of our account managers to understand their role more. Whilst I don’t have direct experience in this area, in my current position I have produced MI, liaised with clients and have strong organisation skills. Therefore, whilst the role would be a new challenge for me, I believe that my skill-set would enable me to perform at a high ability if I were successful’

So there you go, it’s not as difficult as you’d think! Give it a try, what’s your weakness?

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