The thing most people forget to add to their CV that will make a huge difference!

Writing a CV can be a tricky exercise, particularly if you’ve not written one for a while. There is one thing I notice that people tend not to add and it’s the one thing I believe you should include – your achievements. 50b6f05e-efc7-4d70-b430-32c0c0129334-original

Think about it, when a hiring manager is reading your CV – what she / he wants to establish is can this person do the job they have applied for and how well can they do it?

The first part is self-explanatory, this can be assessed by reading through your duties. For example, let’s imagine Sir David Attenborough had to write his CV. He may write:

‘Presented television shows on BBC 1 about nature and conservation’

The person reading his CV will now know that he’s probably quite able to present a television programme having done that at a major channel.

What they don’t know, is what makes him different. The solution is to write some achievements, perhaps under a new sub-heading on your CV.

For example:

‘At the age of 89, I took a submersible down 1,000 ft. to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia—the deepest anyone has dived on the reef—to film some of the unexplored areas.’

You see the difference? The hiring manager will now be thinking ‘this person is somebody who does things outside of their normal remit and is a high-performer, he’ll offer us something that nobody else can’

So, in short, make your CV a mix of your duties (what you’re doing) and some achievements (how well you’re doing it!).

You may find, that out of 10 CVs that a hiring manager receives, yours is the one that stands out and secures you that all important interview.

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