GIRO 2017


HFG took their annual pilgrimage to GIRO last week with the venue back in beautiful Edinburgh. With the GIRO Chair Sameer Keshani promising a plethora of fantastic workshops and plenaries there was much excitement amongst the delegates.

The Tuesday night buffet and drinks got the conference off to a great start and left enough time for 70 delegates to join HFG to watch Tottenham Hotspur hang on to a 1-1 draw in the Champions League with Real Madrid.

The following day, the RPC stand proved popular with many delegates wanting to know all about the much talked about software Tychee. Over the other side of the conference centre, an extremely competitive battle on the HFG stand was developing between Charlotte Healey and Anthony Collins on the virtual reality “catchathon”.  The aim of the game being to catch as many American footballs as possible in the allotted time as they flew at you from different angles. I’m sure that those who played will agree that VR really could be the next ‘big thing’.

By mid-afternoon on Wednesday, people were still discussing Ann Pettifor’s brilliant talk and the excitement was building for the HFG drinks party that evening! The evening’s social event was a superb spectacle with games ranging from Scalextric to the world famous Red Hot Chilli Pipers!

As the official event drew to a close, the delegates were escorted to Lulu bar in style in our HFG limousines. It was far too cold to be walking!  Luckily for this year’s after party there wasn’t a hot tub in sight! Around 300 delegates were on the guest list, ready to let their hair down and party the night away with other actuaries from the industry.

Thursday morning got off to a flying start with Duncan Anderson and Tony Bradshaw’s plenary on machine learning.  The conference was again hotting up with plenty of discussions during the refreshment breaks surrounding the morning’s plenaries. With last ditch attempts to win prizes on the stands, Anthony Collins put in a superb display on HFG’s game to ensure he was taking home the VR headset.

The conference dinner was as always superb, and the nights merriment continued late into the night allowing insurance professionals from a wide range of companies another opportunity to catch up with old and new faces. With heads packed with knowledge and the odd slight headache, the delegates headed home on Friday morning.

All in all, another superb GIRO and many thanks to Sameer Keshani and the organising committee.

Here’s to Birmingham 2018 and potentially a hot tub!

Written by William Gallimore.

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