Pensions, Risk & Investment Conference 2016


Having never been to Edinburgh before, the Pensions, Risk and Investment Conference provided a perfect opportunity to experience a new city whilst broadening my knowledge and contacts within the field. Accompanied by my colleague Paul Fox, we enjoyed clement weather coupled with good food and a great venue at the EICC. The inaugural conference combined pensions with risk and investment and AFIR/ERM whilst there was also a presence from members of the IAA ensuring the event was truly global.

The conference started with a fantastic talk by Justin Hughes who discussed the ‘art’ of risk management through his experience as a Red Arrows pilot. This led nicely into a relaxed welcome reception in the evening. I say relaxed, Paul slightly less so!

The second day was busy, full of topical plenaries and educational seminars which were all well attended. We received many entries for the business card raffle draw and our free chocolate bars (yes, free!) were snapped up as they usually are by those who visited the stand. I’m sure the chocolate provides a welcome energy boost for the seminars throughout the day! Our main competition was a catchphrase challenge which surprisingly caught a lot of entrants out. The answer was ‘repair’, not ‘repeat’!scenery

Prior to the evening meal, the delegates were given some ‘free’ time. I decided it would be a terrific idea to go for a quick run and head towards ‘Arthur’s Seat’ although I hadn’t given a thought to the elevation involved. Needless to say, the views were stunning and it was a great opportunity to see Edinburgh in its true form; a beautiful city. I would highly advise to visit Edinburgh and hike up the hill for the views.

The evening dinner was held in the National Museum of Scotland where the after dinner speaker, Lord Daniel Finkelstein, entertained us with an extremely insightful view into how politics work; describing the contrast principle and ‘loss aversion’ in analogies which are very easy to understand such as leaving your hotel towel on the floor!

The third and final day consisted of further workshops and plenaries but it was great to announce the prize winners of our competitions. Congratulations to Ed Bujok-Stone who won the GoPro camera, Tim Potten who won the John Lewis voucher, Christina Goodwin who won the Moet, and Dick Rae who won the box of wine in the business card draw. Thank you for all that entered.

It was a real pleasure to meet old and new faces and we hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.


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