GIRO Conference 2015 roundup

It was Liverpool that set the scene for IFoA’s 2015 GIRO Conference with the AAC Liverpool hosting over 800 Actuaries from across the global General Insurance market.

There were a number of speakers and workshops held over the course of the 3 days, spreading a breadth of knowledge on forward thinking in the Insurance market and what ethics need to be applied.

The evening brought some light hearted entertainment with a fun fair on Wednesday and the main event ‘GIRO Does Strictly!’ on the Thursday night. This provided a fantastic opportunity for a select group of Actuaries to strut their stuff in front of the crowd and they didn’t disappoint!

On the Tuesday morning before the beginning of the conference, HFG were delighted to take some
keen golfers, including GIRO’s chairman  James Armstrong around the famous Formby Golf Course.

This was a great start to the week and gave an interesting insight into what the Pro’s will endure during the 2017 British Open.

HFG also hosted our drinks event at Alma De Cuba following the fun fair on Wednesday night. With over 300 in attendance throughout the evening, it was quite the party and a fantastic time was had by all. We would like to thank everyone who joined us and for those who were lucky enough, we hope you enjoyed the Limo ride too!

On behalf of HFG, we would like to congratulate the IFoA and those on the board for what was GIRO’s biggest year ever. It was a great week to catch up with a number of clients and contacts, both new and old, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2016.


HFGiro partyHFGiro party2

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