DiveIn Festival: Aiming High

QBE hosted their 4th event in Diversity and Inclusion as part of the Inclusion at Lloyd’s DiveIn Festival.Divein

On the panel was Louise Piper – Chief Placement Officer UK Large Risks: Willis, Jenny Farnborough – General Manager Sales and Corporate Clients: Daimler, Cri Baez-Safa Head of European Financial Markets: QBE and David Hall – Managing Director: QBE.

The session focused on providing important career advice for women wanting to excel and advance their careers within Insurance. Following on from the opening session at Willis,  here we have selected the best tips and advice provided by these top performers in the industry.


“Personal branding is key. Be honest and authentic.” Ensure that other people’s perceptions of you are true.

“Be assertive at all stages of your career.” As a woman, not only do you have to do your job really well, but you have to do other things as well.”

“Men shout about what they do all of the time. Stop worrying about  ‘showing off’ and do the same. Practice around people you are comfortable with.”

“Successful companies have a diverse management structure. If you have a more diverse workforce,
your company will be more successful.”

“Sell your personal branding and outline what your contribution to the business is.”

“Have a clear career plan and list your achievements for your 1:1s”

“Be confident in your ability to progress. Ensure that you communicate your plan so that when the next job comes up, the relevant people automatically think of you for the role.”

“Work smarter to achieve your goals. If you are able to employ an intern to take on some of the basic tasks from your workload, this will enable you to focus on the areas that you wish to develop.”


A lot more advice was covered in the session, but we have picked out the best bits here. If you wish to discuss your future career plans, get in touch with one of our dedicated consultants.


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