Celebrating 30 years of the IFoA Life Insurance Conference

This November over 1000 life insurance actuaries descend upon the city of Dublin as it plays host to the 30th IFoA Life Conference. Originating in 1985 with 335 delegates at the Albany Hotel in Birmingham, the life insurance conference has grown to establish itself as the biggest event of its kind. The conference provides an excellent platform for life insurance professionals, and those with genuine interest in the industry, to keep up-to-date with the very latest industry news and innovations.download (1)

Due to the decentralised nature of life insurance throughout the UK, the conference attracts life insurance professionals from all corners of the country to meet, greet and network all under one roof. In addition to engaging Plenary speakers (Vince Cable and Sylvia Cronin to name but a few), there are a number of workshops and lectures for actuaries to build on knowledge of their specialist area or explore something new.

The conference encourages delegates to challenge and cast a critical gaze over the actuarial function within life insurance. Collaboration and debate involving actuaries from different life insurance entities and regions across the country ensure the status quo is contested and questioned.

To commemorate this milestone in the Conference’s history, HFG are celebrating with the theme of Back to the Future. 30 years ago to this day Back to Future was released, (followed by Back to the Future Part II) predicting what life would be like in 2015 and there has been a lot of speculation about what they got right and what they wrong. We at HFG are determined to demonstrate just how much they got right by merging the celebration of 30 years of the life conference with this cult classic. Whether you want to have a discussion about current market trends or just catch a snippet of the film we always welcome a visit!

So come and stop by our stand to see all the Back to the Future II fun we have planned. If you see someone whizzing around on a hover board, there is no need to cry ‘Great Scott’ Marty McFly has not actually come to Dublin…

We look forward to seeing you there!

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