What to expect from GIRO 2015

The annual IFoA GIRO conference for Actuaries has grown dramatically over the last 10 years and this year’s event in Liverpool is expected to be bigger than ever.  With the demand on individual’s time increasing, taking four days out of the office is a big commitment, although the conference does provide a brilliant opportunity to add to CPD requirements.CarneyMark-GIRO2014-300

Have you planned ahead and asked yourself how can you make the most of your time at the conference?

Plenaries and workshops are a great chance to pick and choose topics that you are interested in or want to know more about to continue your own personal development. In recent years, the workshops have become more interactive with the use of iPads and on the spot surveys. I particularly enjoyed “as the CRO flies” hosted by LCP.  Here, the surveys and results were produced throughout and then discussed as part of the presentation which led to a healthy debate.  Other more experienced actuaries have found that the content of some workshops are actually quite reassuring – especially when discovering that others are doing similar things to them in other firms.

However, any plenary or workshop is only as good as the presenter – they need to be an engaging speaker with a good topic. With sensitive topics around the more competitive areas, we will always have a challenge around what can be shared within the peer group.  There was a great debate in one workshop I recall when someone asked if all firms should share their pricing models…

GIRO continues to be a thought provoking forum where people are happy to discuss and share ideas out of the more formal working environment. The interaction among different firms is so different to the Life and Pensions conferences where actuaries from each firms tend to stick together.  This is a fantastic opportunity for networking and it is worth taking the time to plan the social part of the conference, review the delegate list, and if you want to meet certain people, plan your attack.  Do you know how to open a closed group?  Are you a good networker?

The evening events at GIRO are always great fun and have ranged from funfairs to whisky tasting. It is the perfect chance to add to your network whilst interacting with likeminded people.  Adding just one more person to your network may well open up doors for bigger and better roles 5-10 years down the line.

HFG also run golf days at GIRO each year and if you would like to attend please do get in touch with william@hfg.co.uk.

Following the success of Celtic Manor in 2014, this year will take place at Formby Golf Club (www.formbygolfclub.co.uk/). To view the video from our Golf Day at Celtic Manor please click here.

So the countdown begins….HFG welcome you to our stand in the exhibition centre and look forward to a great GIRO 2015!

William Gallimore

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