HFG Cricket League Dinner

Sir Alex Ferguson was a fearsome competitor who battled against the world’s best. He won, he drew and he lost. Arguably his biggest rival of recent times was Jose Mourinho. Despite the war on the pitch, he was always happy to share a bottle of wine after the game.

The 5th Annual Cricket Dinner was such an occasion. Teams that faced each other throughout the cricket season came together for the night held at the Steam Wine Bar. Once again it was well attended by all of the teams in the league who reminisced about the season and discussed their personal highlights. It was a pleasant surprise to see a side other than TW Rockets looking down from the winning podium as their counterparts TW Tigers lifted the title after the knockout phases. An honourable mention to GAD and Amlin as the other semi-finalists.

Fantastic food was served and the trophies were awarded. Congratulations to Rohin Maini  from TW Tigers for being the highest run scorer across the league – 186 runs is an excellent amount in favourable bowling conditions and given the league format. Highest wicket taker was awarded to Paul Henly from TW Tigers with 19 wickets – a very commendable amount. The Champagne moment goes to Manoj Mistry at GAD for IMG_5464providing evidence to his testimony of being unable to run between the wickets – running out of his crease, falling over, then crawling back – but I’m sure he could teach Ben Stokes about keeping bat or body grounded.

The charity raffle took place raising £500 for Spinal Research and Bloodwise, with great prizes handed out. I’m sure the charities will greatly appreciate your generosity.

The festivities concluded in good spirits and eyes had already turned to next season which will certainly be good fun, yet highly competitive.

Written by Arfan Akhtar.

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