Cycling with Sir Chris Hoy

We at HFG pride ourselves on having rubbed shoulders with our fair share of Olympic medallists; the list even includes ex-HFG employee Juliette Haigh. I however feel like I’ve topped them all, when last Tuesday I had the enviable pleasure of riding with Sir Chris Hoy, six times Olympic Gold Medallist.

Last Tuesday afternoon we (myself and my friend Laura) set out for Richmond Park to meet a motley crew of excited riders eager for their turn to cycle with Sir Chris. The ride was designed so that Sir Chris would spend time cycling with each group, dropping back when he was finished

with one group to speak with the group behind. Unfortunately the group in front of us was substantially slower than our group so we took the initiative and overtook them, however the zealous (perhaps overzealous) officials made us drop back into the original order and we proceeded to complete the remainder of the lap at the pace of a businessman on a Boris bike.

As we neared the final 200m we spotted a new cyclist in front whose thighs eclipsed anything we had seen all afternoon! However as luck would have it, it wasn’t until we reached the gate back to Warren House that we finally got to meet Sir Chris, putting paid to our hopes of cycling side by side with this knighted Olympic champion (although I maintain cycling behind him still counts since that’s what most people do anyway!).

Once we got back to Warren House there were teas, sumptuous cakes and an opportunity to chat with Sir Chris. We seized the opportunity tell Sir Chris about our upcoming 1000km in 7 days bike ride for Acorns Children’s Hospice and asked him “what motivates you to get up and train each day”. His response was one that can be applied to most things in life, but resonates with the world of business:

“Set your target, and then break down the steps it takes to get there into small achievable chunks. Your final target may seem a long way off and somewhat unobtainable, but once broken down into simpler steps you will begin to feel motivated to achieve each stage within the timeframe”

With three weeks to go until our big ride this advice may be a little too late for us, but it’s great to hear how such a successful Olympian tackled his training when the goal seemed daunting!

Written by Charmian Beedie.

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