HFG Cricket League 2018

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Our 2018 Cricket League commences in May 2018.

Following discussions with contacts across the market which highlighted a clear demand, the HFG Cricket League was founded in 2011. It has consistently gained in popularity with the end of season dinner getting bigger and livelier each year!

Congratulations to WTW Tigers who won their third consecutive Cricket League title with a 27 run victory over RSM in 2017.

We wish all teams the best of luck in our 2018 League which will commence in May.

If you would like to know more about the league, or enter a team for next year’s competition, please get in contact with Amy Simmons on amy@hfg.co.uk or call 0207 337 8821.

WTW Tigers851216
The Rockets850315
Neon Knights81073


30.08.1817:00RSM vs BWHampstead Heath ExtensionSemi Final 1
30.08.1817:00WTW Tigers vs The RocketsHampstead Heath ExtensionSemi Final 2
06.09.1817:00TBC vs TBCAlexandra PalaceFinal!


Neon Knights vs WTW TigersWTW Tigers won 25 runs
PwC vs LCPPwC won by 7 wickets
RSM vs MercerRSM won by 72 runs
GAD vs The RocketsThe Rockets won by 14 runs
Mercer vs Neon KnightsMercer won by 80 runs
LCP vs GADLCP won by 30 runs
WTW vs MercerWTW Tigers won by 8 runs
Neon Knights vs The RocketsNeon Knights won by 4 wickets
RSM vs LCPRSM won by 15 runs
BW vs RSMRSM won by 7 wickets
RSM vs The RocketsRSM won by 14 runs
PwC vs GADPwC won by 47 runs
The Rockets vs MercerThe Rockets won by 3 runs
PwC vs RSMRSM won by 69 runs
LCP vs WTW TigersWTW Tigers won by 5 wickets
Mercer vs LCPLCP Won
PwC vs Neon KnightsPwC won by 9 wickets
LCP vs The RocketsThe Rockets won by 4 wickets
BW vs MercerMercer forfeit points
Neon Knights vs RSMNeon forfeit points
The Rockets vs BWThe Rockets won by 3 runs
WTW Tigers vs GADGAD won by 6 wickets
BW vs LCPBW won by 6 wickets
The Rockets vs WTW TigersWTW Tigers won by 16 runs
GAD vs Neon KnightsGAD won by 25 runs
RSM vs WTW TigersRSM won by 44 runs
PwC vs The RocketsThe Rockets won by 9 wickets
GAD vs MercerGAD beat Mercer by 5 wickets
BW vs Neon KnightsBW won by 100 runs
BW vs PwCBW won by 6 wickets
RSM vs GADRained off - split points
BW vs GADBW won by 1 wicket
WTW Tigers vs BWWTW Tigers won by 7 wickets
Mercer vs PwCMercer forfeit points
Neon Knights vs LCPNeon forfeit points
PwC vs WTW TigersDraw

Cricket Ground Maps

Please click the images below to see the locations of where the matches will be played and the rules of the game.

League Results: