HFG Cricket League 2017

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Our 2017 Cricket League is now underway!

Following discussions with contacts across the market which highlighted a clear demand, the HFG Cricket League was founded in 2011. It has consistently gained in popularity with the end of season dinner getting bigger and livelier each year!

Congratulations to TW Tigers who beat GAD in last year’s final to win the 2016 HFG Cricket League by 36 runs.  In the 2015 final at Alexandra Palace The Tigers won by a similar margin of 32 runs.

We wish all teams the best of luck in our 2017 League which has now begun!

If you would like to know more about the league, or enter a team for next year’s competition, please get in contact with Amy Simmons on amy@hfg.co.uk or call 0207 337 8821.

WTW Tigers (Champions)761019
The Rockets72147
Neon Knights70070
WTW Tigers vs RSMFinalWTW Tigers won by 27 runs
LCP vs RSMSemi FinalRSM won by 8 wickets
WTW Tigers vs BWSemi FinalWTW Tigers won by 4 wickets

Team Captains/Contacts & Cricket Ground Maps

Please click the images below to see the captains and contact details for each team, the locations of where the matches will be played and the rules of the game.

League Results:

Neon Knights vs GADGAD won by 7 wickets
LCP vs RSMRSM won by 109 runs
WTW Tigers vs PwCTigers won by 4 wickets
Neon Knights vs GADGAD won by 7 wickets
LCP vs RSMRSM won by 109 runs
WTW Tigers vs PwCTigers won by 59 runs
BW vs The RocketsBW won by 4 wickets
RSM vs Neon KnightsRSM won by 28 runs
The Rockets vs LCPLCP won by 41 runs
Neon Knights vs PwCPwC won by 32 runs
RSM vs The RocketsTie
The Rockets vs Neon KnightsThe Rockets won by 2 wickets
LCP vs GADLCP won by 1 run
WTW Tigers vs The RocketsWTW Tigers won by 7 wickets
PwC vs LCPLCP won by 25 runs
The Rockets vs GADGAD won by 1 wicket
BW vs LCPLCP won by 56 runs
RSM vs BWRSM won by 24 runs
LCP vs WTW TigersTBC
GAD vs RSMGAD won by 6 wickets
GAD vs PwCGAD won by 6 wickets
Neon Knights vs BWBW won by 10 runs
WTW Tigers vs RSMWTW Tigers won by 4 runs
BW vs GADBW won by 9 runs
BW vs PwCBW won by 35 runs
BW vs WTW TigersWTW Tigers won by 5 wickets
PwC vs The RocketsPwC forfeit points
LCP vs WTW TigersUnable to arrange - 1 point each
WTW Tigers vs BW (Semi Final)WTW Tigers won by 4 wickets
LCP vs RSM (Semi Final)RSM won by 8 wickets
WTW Tigers vs RSM (Final)WTW Tigers won by 27 runs (WTW Tigers Champions!)