Data Steward

Data Steward – Insurance


The leading Insurance company is looking for an experienced Data Steward to take ownership of reference and repository codes and data and to make sure the data is well defined and follows established rules and policies. 

You will maintain and take responsibility for timely and appropriate publication and distribution of code and repository data to users.
Your role will consist of gathering and governance of master data and reference data (“master” data being data that represents the “golden” record of any data entity that is shared with other applications and users, “reference” data being the coding structures that are used across applications to allow common reporting to a predefined level of analysis), and the publishing of that data to all interested applications and parties

Master Data:

  • To identify master data repositories in data environment and create appropriate strategies for updating, maintaining and documenting them 
  • To implement appropriate governance over the master data, in particular with regard to ownership of data and conflict resolution
  • To devise and implement controls to ensure that master data is referentially complete and does not deviate from published standards
  • To identify, agree, publish and expedite data quality improvement plans where necessary

Reference Data:

  • To take responsibility for the devising of appropriate reference code structures and hierarchies that can be used to provide the level and depth of analysis required.
  • To ensure that reference data is fit for purpose and is replicated to all interested systems and parties 

Other tasks:

  • To participate in other projects that will arise from time to time in connection with data stewardship, data quality and data maintenance

Key Attributes

  • To have knowledge how data coming from variety of sources and of the local data sources’ is transformed into repositories.
  • Design appropriate rules for defining what is an acceptable and practical level of incoming data quality and devise processes to ensure those rules are adhered to and that transgressions are dealt with efficiently.
  • Participate in the selection of Master Data Management (MDM) tools and will be responsible for the use of those tools to control and process data in their domain.
  • Liaise with the business community to inform them of the availability and applicability of master data and reference data, to keep them informed of any issues that need attention and to notify all interested parties of any errors or omissions in the master data.
  • Be the primary go-to point for all questions relating to the source, context and definition of master data


  • Knowledge of commercial Insurance data structures
  • Experience of dealing with Master Data in an Insurance environment
  • Exposure to MDM tools and processes
  • University Degree/Diploma Obtained – Bachelors (IT/ Science degree preferable)
  • Solvency II knowledge and exposure would be beneficial

Core Competencies:

  • Customer Focus. Identifies customer needs and expectations and responds to them in a timely and effective manner.
  • Flexibility. Adjusts quickly and effectively to changing conditions and demands.
  • Solving Problems. Takes a proactive approach to anticipating and preventing problems.
  • Communication. Communicate effectively and appropriately.
  • Decision Quality. Gather enough information to allow a trustworthy assessment of risks and benefits of alternative approaches in any decision.