Work For Us

In 2012 HFG had its most successful year to date and our achievements were recognised by securing 3 industry awards which include:


These awards have further boosted our reputation within the recruitment industry and we are now striving even further to achieve our ultimate vision – to be the leading recruiter in the insurance industry both in the UK and Internationally.

But what makes HFG different?



The HFG culture is driven by an underlying current of entrepreneurship. We provide the tools, training and infrastructure to be successful and then it is supported by our team ethic and individual drive. Encouragement and feedback is provided consistently and constructively to help everyone maximise their potential. Each consultant has an individual P&L account, from which they make strategic decisions on how to get the best of their marketplace. If your strategy makes commercial sense then the HFG board will back your proposal. This is how we have built our whole business, engendering a sense of freedom, high engagement and the will to succeed. You will run your business within our business. ‘Wrapped around’ this is an environment of healthy competition with a distinct professional edge which our clients have come to expect as standard from HFG.



In order to deliver our services to the quality that we demand from our consultants, we use every possible source to help with industry knowledge, appreciation and awareness. Through external courses, conferences and our own seminars the team are provided with multiple platforms to ensure that we understand the Insurance industry and our clients.


The recruitment process is not complicated – the key challenge in our industry comes from managing people. Managing the recruitment process is a skill that recruiters execute by applying common sense. A lack of training and technical understanding attracts mistakes and we aim to prevent all these problems from day one. Our in-house training programme is thorough and tailored exactly to our market and the HFG methodology of recruitment. It provides our Consultants with robust technical skills ensuring strong conversion rates, and ultimately self confidence.

Combined with our in-house training programme HFG engages with experienced external trainers who cover topics such as;

  • Leadership training
  • Coaching and NLP
  • Motivational training
  • Executive Search training
  • Time management and desk planning

As an overall package we believe that our training is second to none in the industry and our investment in staff development is part of natural HFG culture.

If you are interested in working for HFG, please contact Charlotte Fry.