Our clients can’t stop people printing out the CVs we send them – it’s a fact. We still use a paper CV when we interview people. It’s such a waste and no matter how hard we try to curb this habit, paper CVs still get used.HFGTrees logo

So can we break this vicious cycle? We doubt we can any time soon, so here at HFG we have teamed up with the Woodland Trust to allow us to redress the balance a little.

As of this year, for every placement we make, HFG will donate a tree to the Woodland Trust to help restore the UK’s beautiful and ancient woodland.

We are also asking our clients, candidates and our staff to make a similar commitment…if you hire someone through us, or we place you into a new role, then we invite you to purchase a tree for a small donation of £15.

We will also be holding an annual planting day for those who have donated a tree or are willing to volunteer some of their time to help us plant the 1,000 trees that we aim to fund  for the first year of running our initiative.

For more information, please watch the video below or get in touch by emailing: hftrees@hfg.co.uk

Click here to donate an HFTree!

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We are pleased to announce our latest donation from our IT provider Chess ICT